Couple Under The Cherry Blossom Tree Pop Up Card

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The front of this card hints the loving surprise to come with a silhouette of a newly married couple under a tree on its cover. Open up to reveal a lovely three dimensional of a bride and groom under each other’s arms. They stand under the Cherry blossom tree, lost in each other’s eyes. Breeze your wishes to a lovely couple on their anniversary or to a newly married couple as you pass on your blessings and wishes.

  • GrandGift® Handmade Papercraft 3D Pop Up Cards
  • Size: 15 x 10 cm(Folded) / Color: Red (default)
  • The fun, eye-catching Treasures line of greeting cards, featuring engaging designs and surprising pop-ups are irresistible
  • Suitable for: invitations / birthday / Christmas / thank you / mothers day / wedding invitations / on the wedding day / anniversary / baby shower / congratulation / graduation.