Write a Holiday Postcard

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Write a Holiday Postcard

It's summertime. Finally weather is warm and sun is shining high in the sky. Planning what to do during summer and how to spend this time as much quality as it's possible isn’t easy with no doubt. Many people are planning their holidays almost whole year to finally feel the summer on their own skin.

There is only two months of summer holidays, just two months to rest, spend quality time with family, kids or friends. Stay active! Try to visit a lot of wonderful and beautiful places this summer, eat things you have never eaten before, taste a bit of adrenaline and do things you'll remember for a long time.


Arrange your memories well.

You don't want to miss anything important during telling your summer tales. Your family and friends for sure will ask you 'what have you done for your summer vacation?' Pre-empt this questions and this year send a summer update pop up card with all the fantastic and fun things you has been up to. But first, you have to consider some things before sending your cards.

Get it done early.

Probably you know this feeling how it is to beat a postcard home, so try to think about sending postcards before you finish your trip. Good idea is to pick some cards and send them on the early stage of your trip. Thanks to that, you can write about your future attractions too. It will show the receiver how much you're excited!


Keep it short.

Your friends and family want to know that you're having a good time but a lot can happen during the summer, so try to highlight the specific and memorable moments. Of course it would be nice if you will include something more, like what you ate for breakfast, or what's the weather like. Remember, there is a limited space on the card, so choose wisely what you will write about.

Send a good vibes.

Make it sure everyone can enjoy reading your summer holidays card and celebrate your excitement. Try to avoid writing only about bad things happened, however it's okay to include some struggles you've faced during your summer adventure. Consider buying a 3d card, this type of paper craft will definitely have a bigger influence on the receiver!

Be curious.

Don't forget that someone will read your card. It's always polite to include some questions about your recipients lifes or their holiday adventures!


Remember a time not so long ago, when people went on vacation, everyone has the same, common request which was "send me a postcard !" Why not to bring back these old good memories and send an astonishing 3d pop up postcard?