Why pop up cards?

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Why pop up cards?


Isn't it convinient to send someone who is special to you a beautiful greeting card in digital form with just a few clicks? Or to be even more confortable - post wishes on someone's wall on facebook or any other social network platform? Well, it will definietly make someone smile on their special day. A short-term smile. Our receiver will forget about our wishes during checking what's going on on their wall. And also what about magic hiding behind a real greeting card? Imagine our receiver, who will be full of emotions during opening an envelope adressed to him. This moment when they opening a greeting card in their special day they will smiling from ear to ear. And that's not end! They will go back home and put our decorative card in the visible place. Every look on a card will bring back positive memories of us - the sender.


How many times you get upset during searching for a perfect gift card and when finally you get that one which you like, you realize there are already printed wishes inside it. Sadly these wishes are completely missed and doesn't fit for the receiver. Fortunately most of our 3d popup cards are blank so you can personalize it by your handwriting and also that will have a bigger influence on the receiver. Don't forget about the most precious thing we can give. Time spend on choosing, writing and sending a gift card will definietly make someone feel valuable and worthwhile.


It's sure thing you want to find a gift card which fits perfectly for receiver. The more it shows what your loved one likes the better. Our company provides hunderds of different patterns, and we believe anyone can find something for themself.


We do believe that there is no better thing than send or give a traditional gift card with personalized wishes inside to your loved ones. Especially in the digital era, where such things like sending cards via snail mail are more uncommon than it's used to be. Our goal is to keep this tradition of sending greeting cards alive. Pick something for you on our website at www.popup-cards.co.uk, and spread your love and smile to your friends and family!