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Friendship, Thank You, without occasion -

We all have someone like us, who accept us the way we are. Someone who will be there for, whenever we feel happy or we need  a shoulder to cry on. No wonder we definietely value good friendship, both new and old, because this kind of relationship is a precious jewel. Good friendship is so much priceless and always worth keeping, even if it's not always so easy. Friendship demands time and effort, and it requires to put someone other than themselves first sometimes. But in exchange for that work we can receive an immense amount of support and comfort...

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Gift Ideas, without occasion -

Imagine a regular, grey day when you're sitting in your workplace and doing stuff that you're usually do. Day after day. Then suddenly someone come to you. Someone you know well, or a friend from your work, or a completely stranger. Doesn't matter, the point is that he has gift for you. Something small, something that you hasn't expected. Flower, candy or creative thing made by his own hands. When someone does something nice for you, how does it make you feel?It feels good, that's for sure! How about to pass on the kindness and smile? Imagine how awesome it...

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