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Back To School, Pop Up Cards -

  The new school year has almost begun. Most children and their parents are already ready to start their new school year. New school supplies are already purchased, only the last preparations have been made.        NEW SCHOOL Owl is a symbol of wisdom, why not give it to someone who is just starting his adventure with school?      For those who are going to a new school this year, the matter is much more serious. New school, new people and teachers. Without doubt, an important stage begins in their lifes, because it is at school that...

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Gift Ideas, Pop Up Cards -

DIGITAL VERSUS TRADITIONAL CARDS. Isn't it convinient to send someone who is special to you a beautiful greeting card in digital form with just a few clicks? Or to be even more confortable - post wishes on someone's wall on facebook or any other social network platform? Well, it will definietly make someone smile on their special day. A short-term smile. Our receiver will forget about our wishes during checking what's going on on their wall. And also what about magic hiding behind a real greeting card? Imagine our receiver, who will be full of emotions during opening an envelope...

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