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Weather is getting warmer, it means the wedding season is just around the corner! If you're one of the lucky people who get an invitation to a summer wedding, start thinking about buying the perfect wedding gift, but don't forget about the card.A wedding card can mean a lot to the newlyweds, even if they seem to be just a little detail.But what to write in a wedding card? And what is the best wedding card to pick?A simple "Congratulations!" will do, but if you want to make your wedding card a little more personal, here are some suggestions for...

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Gift Ideas, without occasion -

Imagine a regular, grey day when you're sitting in your workplace and doing stuff that you're usually do. Day after day. Then suddenly someone come to you. Someone you know well, or a friend from your work, or a completely stranger. Doesn't matter, the point is that he has gift for you. Something small, something that you hasn't expected. Flower, candy or creative thing made by his own hands. When someone does something nice for you, how does it make you feel?It feels good, that's for sure! How about to pass on the kindness and smile? Imagine how awesome it...

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Gift Ideas, Pop Up Cards -

DIGITAL VERSUS TRADITIONAL CARDS. Isn't it convinient to send someone who is special to you a beautiful greeting card in digital form with just a few clicks? Or to be even more confortable - post wishes on someone's wall on facebook or any other social network platform? Well, it will definietly make someone smile on their special day. A short-term smile. Our receiver will forget about our wishes during checking what's going on on their wall. And also what about magic hiding behind a real greeting card? Imagine our receiver, who will be full of emotions during opening an envelope...

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